We thank the following valued clients who expressed these kind words about us:

Jenni Harding from Harbridge Optimal Performance has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of our business. Over the past 8 years she has guided us along the journey of building a $2.5 billion asset management company, providing thoughtful and considered advice at an operational and strategic level. While her initial focus was helping our business obtain our Australian Financial Services Licence, and build the frameworks we needed to remain compliant, her involvement has evolved over time to become far more wholistic. She has attended every quarterly board meeting as a trusted advisor / consultant to the Directors and her involvement has been invaluable.

John Harbot, Co-founder, Ubique Asset Management Pty Ltd

We use Harbridge to get a handle on the operational and compliance risks which investment managers may, often unwittingly, be taking. Jenni provides us with tailored operational due diligence risk assessments and we see her as an extension of our team, offering insight into areas where we have less expertise and allowing us to either move forward with confidence or provide structured feedback to managers so that they have awareness of any issues and can proceed to resolve any problems. On several occasions managers have opted to contract Harbridge separately after going through a review, which demonstrates the value of her insights.

Miles Collins, Chief Investment Officer, Investment and Capital Management, The University of Sydney

Longreach came to know Harbridge in late 2017 through Jenni’s responsibility for the operational and compliance assessment on behalf of a prospective investor. Jenni’s industry experience and thoroughness impressed us and we recognised the potential in having Harbridge involved with Longreach. Jenni initially assisted us in evolving our operational and compliance framework as our firm established additional alternative investment capabilities, which are now established and operating successfully. We value the perspectives that Jenni is able to bring to a subject, drawing upon her experience of real situations. Jenni’s involvement has evolved to now entail a strategic focus on operational and compliance matters, assisting us in managing our business growth with a client and fiduciary focus.

Andrew Flitcroft, Chief Operating Officer, Longreach Alternatives Ltd

Northcape’s clients required an independent AIST operational due diligence assessment and report on our processes and controls. We sought an organisation that would not only meet our client’s objectives, but also provide us with new insights into our operations as we evolve and grow. To obtain more value than previous due diligence exercises, it was important to us that the organisation we chose had a good understanding of our industry and our competitors, was able to take a flexible and practical approach rather than rigidly follow a checklist, and used experienced staff throughout the process rather than using juniors to do the legwork. Harbridge met these criteria. Jenni did not flinch at asking the tough questions and challenging us on the status quo with alternate views. We have adopted many of her recommendations and our clients appreciated the level of detail and rigour applied in the analysis and report.

Michael Ryan, Managing Director, Northcape Capital

I approached Jenni as I was struggling with confidence in my career choices and was seeking a toolkit for improving my effectiveness in my current role. Jenni’s targeted and positive coaching allowed me to identify the activities that drain me, the activities that energise me and how to apply my natural strengths to make hard tasks easier. The learnings were so simple and practical, I’m able to apply them in my everyday dealings. In periods of stress, I now have a set of go-to strategies to return to a centred focus.

Lucy, healthcare

During my career transition period 3 years ago, Jenni helped to navigate, guide and support me on my next steps into the unknown. I had multiple job opportunities, as well as a major decision of whether I wanted to set up business, so the internal discovery mode and having the right tools and the right people surrounding me during this period was crucial. One of the key steps in finding my direction and helping me really evaluate and explore new paths and opportunities was the strengths assessment tool. Jenni coached me to analyse and reflect upon my past work habits, skills and behaviours. This provided me with an empowerment tool that I continue to use in my day to day life and within the context of running my business. I continually use it when deciding on task allocations and the project work we do, so I know where my energy is drained or where it flourishes. I also use it when working with my clients and it is a key hiring tool and in day to day running of teams, working with colleagues, collaborations and generally just dealing with people. Jenni has the expertise to really allow an individual to self-explore, she asks the right questions for deeper self-reflection and guides you on how you can improve and apply your strengths to be a better leader and person. I would definitely recommend Jenni. Doing the strengths assessment is a must-have in anyone’s empowerment toolkit!

Zarmeen Pavri, Managing Director of Sustainable Contracting (a specialist boutique impact investment advisory firm)

The coaching process has been highly valuable both professionally and personally. Jenni brings knowledge, expertise, patience and warmth to the coaching sessions. It has been helpful to identify strengths which are in fact overused. Through this process I have a greater understanding that ‘more’ is not always ‘better’ when it comes to strengths use. The coaching process has allowed me to use my strengths more strategically, using them within the most appropriate contexts and in the optimal measure. This has allowed me to work effectively in teams and take on further leadership opportunities.

Naomi P, IT professional

As with many people running their own business, I spend my time responding to clients’ needs. I never took the time to reflect on the impact that had on my own needs. The strengths assessment and coaching work I did with Harbridge made me realise that a lot of my work was activities I had learnt to do well, rather than work that was personally rewarding or energising. I have now identified how I can respond to clients’ needs and my own using my realised and unrealised strengths and focussing on those activities which engage and energise me.

SW, lawyer and governance consultant