Optimising Individual, Team and Organisational Performance

Harbridge Optimal Performance believes that applying a positive, strengths-based approach to traditional strategic, people and change management optimises individual, team and organisation performance. Sports fans naturally expect that their favourite sports stars and teams play to (and develop) their strengths, but we often ignore doing this personally and in business.

     The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make weaknesses irrelevant – Peter Drucker

When people and organisations identify, use and develop their strengths, they are positively energised and engaged, meeting personal and organisational challenges and building the capacity to continually innovate and develop. Harbridge helps individuals and organisations that want to reach their highest potential with positive ripples extending beyond the workplace.

Our clients include both for-purpose and for-profit organisations, including social enterprises, investment managers, industry superannuation funds and other institutional investors, ASX listed entities and other professional services firms. We also work with and coach a range of individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and teams from a variety of fields. We use a wholistic systems approach, but offer two fully customised ways to optimise performance using practical research-backed strengths approaches that have ripple effects on each other:

Top down
– working with boards, executive teams and business owners at the organisational level

Bottom up
– working one-on-one and with groups at the individual and team levels

Wholistic Systems Approach

We are purposeful, committed to making positive differences in people and organisations. We work with individuals, teams and organisations that want to flourish and thrive and operate at a level of excellence.