Individual/Team Development

Individual/Team Development

Presentations, training, education and workshops

We believe that the skills and expertise that got you where you are today, are unlikely to be as useful in the future. We educate you with the “why”, the “what” and the “how” of the science of positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence and how this knowledge can be applied at individual, team and organisational levels for optimal performance and engagement. We convert complex scientific research into practical advice, education and applications.

In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening. So rather than thinking, oh, I’m going to reveal my weaknesses, you say, wow, here’s a chance to grow – Carol S Dweck

We use human-centred design to help you achieve your objectives. We work with you to understand your goals and challenges, then customise and sequence training and workshops on a variety of different topics to meet your specific needs. We offer shorter presentations to create initial awareness, through to more detailed workshops with practical and engaging exercises to embed learning. All are based on evidence based research and applications. We help to open hearts and minds, create insights and discussions and develop opportunities for experiential learning in a safe and positive environment, whilst building a sense of excellence.

Learning outcomes include increased awareness and understanding, as well as a toolbox of practical tips, tools and advice that can be quickly and easily implemented to embed learning and behaviour changes. The education and application builds the capacity and skills of employees and increase individual, team and organisational performance and wellbeing. This has extended positive social impacts that flow into the wider community in which the people and organisation operate.