Individual Services

Individual Services

Executive and individual strengths-based assessments, coaching and development

​​​​​We believe that you need to work and play to your strengths to be the best version of yourself. Harbridge provides strengths-based assessments and coaching using evidence-backed validated assessment tools. By helping you identify and use your unique strengths, you can be more engaged, energised and enthusiastic. This helps you work in an authentic and genuine way that also results in superior organisational performance. Using and developing your strengths can fill you with renewed passion, energy and purpose. This can create positive ripple effects beyond your workplace, into your community and beyond.

The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources – Daniel Goleman

Our executive and individual strengths assessments, as well as coaching and education, take a dynamic approach to optimal performance and functioning to:

  • Identify your strengths and development opportunities
  • Provide strengths-based coaching to use and develop your strengths for outstanding performance
  • Unlock your latent leadership capacity to increase your self-awareness and help you achieve personal, team and organisational goals
  • Help you to understand and leverage the collective strengths of teams to increase collaboration, creativity, innovation, resilience, motivation, achieve sustainable outcomes and strategic goal attainment
  • Lead your business through change in increasing volatile and complex times
  • Identify and implement a range of practices and applications (intentional activities) to help you flourish and thrive

Coaching sessions are offered on a casual, six-monthly and twelve-monthly basis to help you use and develop your strengths. This helps you build a strengths toolkit to draw on the right strength at the right time.

Harbridge donates one individual strengths assessment to a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation for every ten individual strengths assessments that an organisation purchases.

Presentations, training, education and workshops

The strengths assessments and coaching are complemented by the engagement and understanding obtained from presentations and workshops.

We educate you with the “why”, the “what” and the “how” of the science of positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. We convert complex scientific research into practical advice, education and applications. We help you apply this knowledge personally for optimal performance and engagement.

We work with you to understand your goals and challenges. We then customise and sequence training on a variety of different topics to meet your specific needs. We offer short presentations to create initial awareness, as well as more detailed workshops with practical and engaging exercises to embed learning. We help to educate you on the possibilities of positive change and mindsets for continual personal growth and development. We do this by giving you easy to practice tips and advice along the way.