Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Services

We believe that outsourcing is key to helping an organisation play to its strengths. However, for your organisation to perform optimally, your strategic business partners must be consistently meeting or exceeding agreed service levels. We help you verify that your specialist service partners are performing at optimal levels by offering services consistent with their strengths, in accordance with the relevant legislation, contractual obligations and with appropriate and consistently applied controls and procedures, minimising your outsourcing risks. We also consider the strength of their organisational culture and strategy, and their ability to deliver high quality services over the long term, whilst operating in accordance with community expectations.


Our unique expertise

Our key points of difference are:

  • our significant investment operational and compliance experience;
  • our significant operational due diligence experience; and
  • our range of, and experience providing, pre and post due diligence services.

We do not use inexperienced junior staff or work from checklists. All due diligence work is performed by Jenni Harding who has more than 35 year’s investment industry experience. Her experience includes large, mid and small cap equities, fixed income, credit, infrastructure, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, property, water entitlements, REITs, private debt and catastrophe bond products and markets. Jenni is also the founder of investment manager back office outsourcing in Australia and has consistently worked to raise the standards of investment managers and the investment industry.

We have been offering operational due diligence assessments and investment grade infrastructure reviews (pre-due diligence assessments and feedback), as well as post-due diligence advice and mentoring for more than 12 years.

Service offering

Our due diligence services are offered to various investment industry organisations, including:

  • Asset owners
  • Equity partners
  • Investment managers
  • Other organisations offering investment management services

We customise each due diligence review to each client’s specific requirements based on the type of investment manager, asset class(es) and investment type(s). Our services include:

Pre-due diligence services

  • Investment grade infrastructure reviews (pre-operational due diligence reviews, to ensure you are performing at the right level for institutional investors, as well as advice and mentoring to get you to institutional grade)
  • GS 007 set ups and reviews
  • Service provider selection, reviews and renewals – tendering, appointment, service level and fee negotiation, ongoing management advice


Due diligence services

  • Operational due diligence reviews and services (AIST operational due diligence and beyond)
  • Compliance due diligence reviews and services


Post-due diligence services

  • Post-operational due diligence reviews, advice and mentoring (to help address the due diligence issues detected to improve your business, reduce risk for asset owners and raise the standards of the industry)
  • Service provider selection, reviews and renewals – tendering, appointment, service level and fee negotiation, ongoing management advice