Organisational Services

Organisational Services

We believe that organisations can optimise their performance at strategic, staff and service provider levels by focussing on the organisational dynamics that cultivate extraordinary performance. Our organisational service offering helps to address the changes and challenges that workplaces will encounter over the next decade. We help to identify and implement a positive culture and strategy, governance framework and the capacity for positive leadership, change readiness and positive organisational development. We conduct due diligence assessments on strategic business partners. This includes assessing and implementing positive and practical solutions to allow engaged staff and business partners to work to their strengths – creating value for all stakeholders. Harbridge applies fresh thinking to leadership and organisational development creating the mindsets able to handle the ongoing challenges and opportunities being faced.

Some leaders have developed special sets of capabilities, captured in their ability to see possibilities for greatness in people and their team. Other leaders know that small actions can have tremendous impact. We have become believers in both abilities: the power of seeing possibilities and the awareness that small actions can have great impacts for bringing out the best in people and their organisations – Jane E Dutton and Gretchen M Spreitzer

Our organisational clients include a range of professional services firms including: start-up, boutique and medium-sized investment managers; superannuation funds; a university; family offices and other institutional investors; ASX listed companies/subsidiaries; boutique equity owners and incubators; third-party marketing and fund-raising firms; responsible entities; custodians; administrators and various other professional services firms.

Due to the inter-relationships between all of our organisational services, we recommend that a wholistic systems approach is considered. However, all services are fully customised to meet each client’s specific requirements. We work with boards and executive teams to help the organisation excel using experiential learning to continually grow and develop.

Wholistic Systems Approach

Our organisational service offering is broken into four key areas: